Rapid Transcriptions

Academic transcription and thesis proofreading services





Rapid Transcriptions provides an accurate and confidential academic transcription service to universities, research institutes and independent researchers, and is a personal service provided by Alanna Ivin, an MSc qualified secretary linguist.  Rapid Transcriptions specialises in regional and foreign accents, technical and medical content, poor quality sound recordings, and is also able to offer a thesis proofreading service.  Established over 20 years.  

  • Expertise areas include – Education, Social Policy, Economics, Science, Maths, Law, Medicine
  • Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) registered, Cyber Essentials certified
  • Transcripts to suit different budgets
  • 100% UK based encrypted file transfer

“We have used Rapid Transcriptions for a number of studies both for the transcription of one-to-one interviews and group interviews, and for interviews through an interpreter. Some of this work has been on complex subject matters with vulnerable respondents and where recording environments have not always been ideal.  Alanna has provided a simply brilliant service – high quality transcripts, close liaison over timing and any problems with quality – a reliable, friendly service against tight deadlines and our first choice for this type of work.” (JB, University of Oxford)

“Rapid Transcriptions is our preferred transcriber for all our research projects. Over the years they have provided extremely high quality transcripts that have been delivered in a very timely fashion.  I would thoroughly recommend Rapid Transcriptions.​” (AG, Research Department of Medical Education)

“Rapid Transcriptions was invaluable in helping me to proofread my PhD manuscript (rapidly!) as my ESRC funding at King’s College London came to an end. I recommended them to my peers and I know that several of them also found the service invaluable.”  (DP, King’s College London)

Some of Our Customers:

Oxford University
Cambridge University
University College London, UCL
London School of Economics, LSE
King’s College London
Imperial College London
St Mary’s University, Twickenham
Manchester Metropolitan University

Oxford Brookes University
St Mary’s University, London
University of Bristol
University of Manchester
University of Exeter
University of Leeds
University of Hull
NHS and government researchers
Independent researchers

Glasgow University Cloisters