“I must share the news of this amazing Rapid Transcriptions service, led by Alanna Ivin.  I have worked with this service now for five years and have found it to be indeed RAPID.  It is not only rapid, but Alanna is very responsive to requests, even last-minute ones.  She is attentive to how we need our transcriptions to be presented and eager to learn from our feedback.  Every transcript is accurately executed.  It is always a pleasure to communicate with Alanna in the process of submitting recordings for transcription as she responds in such an efficient and caring way.  I can totally recommend this service on all counts.” (EH, University College London)

   “We have used Rapid Transcriptions for a number of studies both for the transcription of one-to-one interviews and group interviews, and for interviews through an interpreter. Some of this work has been on complex subject matters, with vulnerable respondents and where recording environments have not always been ideal.  Alanna has provided a simply brilliant service – high quality transcripts, close liaison over timing and any problems with quality – a reliable, friendly service against tight deadlines and our first choice for this type of work.” (JB University of Oxford)

   “Rapid Transcriptions is our preferred transcriber for all our research projects. Over the years they have provided extremely high quality transcripts that have been delivered in a very timely fashion.  I would thoroughly recommend Rapid Transcriptions.​” (AG Research Department of Medical Education, London)

   “Rapid Transcriptions was invaluable in helping me to proofread my PhD manuscript (rapidly!) as my ESRC funding at King’s College London came to an end. I recommended them to my peers and I know that several of them also found the service invaluable.” (DP King’s College London)

   “Your service is always reliable.  I know from experience that it is better to get your service than risk using someone else who may be cheaper in the short term, but more expensive in the long run.  Your work is always clear, and on the few occasions where you are unable to hear what is being said you mark that clearly.  You are quick in turnaround which is great, and flexible in dealing with our short term requests! Your system is safe and easy to use.  You have continued to do this work on a difficult topic.  You are also quick at telling us when there might be technical issues our end so they can be rectified.  I wouldn’t recommend any other transcriber I have used in the past but regularly recommend you and have been returning to you since 1998.  Nearly 20 years!  There are some other cheaper services, but the quality is often poor or inconsistent because they might be using a bank of transcribers.  This isn’t cost/time effective in the long run.” (EW University of Bristol)

   “You are nothing short of a miracle worker!  Thank you.” (MM independent researcher)

   “Alanna has transcribed interviews and focus group recordings for two of my recent research projects. Her standards of accuracy are impressive, as is her speed!  She is exceedingly professional in her approach and a great communicator.  I will certainly use her services for my research again.” (NB University College London, UCL)

   “I’ve asked Alanna to transcribe numerous interviews.  She’s super.  Her accuracy is excellent, even at the lowest rates – I don’t have to spend hours checking over transcripts for misspellings and misunderstandings.  She’s efficient and punctual.  I’ve used a few transcribers now, and she is by far the best for cost and accuracy.”  (Lecturer, University of Hull)

   “Alanna has always provided nothing less than a first class transcription service for me. My recordings are often poor quality, taking place in noisy environments, but Alanna always does a super job. She is fast, reliable, accurate and best of all an absolute pleasure to deal with.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my transcriptions!” (LT University of Manchester)

   “I was talking to the rest of the research team the other day and they were all saying that your transcription was the best they’d ever seen.” (KF University of Bristol)

   “I used Alanna to transcribe about 50 hours of audio recorded interview.  Her rate is excellent and the accuracy of transcription superb. She was also brilliant at communicating her progress, offers secure encrypted upload of audio files via her website and always delivered to time.  Would highly recommend.” (TJ Oxford Brookes)