Terms and Conditions of Service

For the provision of transcription and proofreading services by Rapid Transcriptions.

Transfer of Data

Customer data in the form of digital sound recordings, videos or word processed documents may be sent to Rapid Transcriptions for transcription or other processing by means of Data Send – a GDPR compliant encrypted file transfer service – via external link available on Rapid Transcriptions website.  Customers choosing to use Data Send will be directed to the Data Send website and will be subject to their terms and conditions of service and privacy policy.  Rapid Transcriptions recommends Data Send but accepts no liability for loss or damage of data or failure to transmit in part or fully.  Rapid Transcriptions will equally not be liable for loss or interception of data sent by a customer’s own file transfer service or via email attachment.

Rapid Transcriptions will return data to the customer on completion of processing via the Data Send encrypted data transfer service unless otherwise requested and authorised by the customer.

Rapid Transcriptions website carries SSL data security however this website gathers no data.

Data processing agreement/quotations

Where a customer has not already signed a Data Processing agreement with Rapid Transcriptions this will be required. Detailed processing instructions are required on each occasion when processing changes (or new processing is instructed).  Where Special Category Data in included in transcriptions specific instructions must be provided as to how such data should be treated.

Rapid Transcriptions will provide a written quotation by email in advance of work being undertaken.  Acceptance may be made by email.  Rapid Transcriptions reserves the right to renegotiate a new fee and time period should the sound quality of recordings significantly differ from that anticipated.


Rapid Transcriptions warrants that the services will be provided with the care, skill and expertise of a reasonably proficient exponent of the art.  Customer data will be protected and held securely while being processed by Rapid Transcriptions.  Customer data will be securely deleted upon payment of invoice or sooner by agreement.    Rapid Transcriptions is Cyber Essentials certified.

Rapid Transcriptions aims to provide a high quality transcription and thesis proofreading service – mistakes or omissions will be corrected free of charge if notified within 7 days.   No further liability is accepted.  It is the customer’s responsibility to check the final accuracy of the work.  The customer is solely responsible for the further use of the material and is responsible for compliance with copyright laws and legality of content.  No warranty is given as to the suitability of the transcriptions for any purpose, express or implied.

Customer responsibilities

Customers are responsible for their own GDPR data protection compliance to meet all the requirements of their own operation as a Data Controller.  Rapid Transcriptions cannot undertake to meet customer legal GDPR obligations for them.

The customer is responsible for making Rapid Transcriptions aware of the confidential status of the material being transcribed and providing required data processing/confidentiality agreements for signature.


Where universities or companies provide a purchase order an invoice will be submitted on completion of transcription on the agreed terms, or periodically for longer projects.   Payment terms will be 14 days from date of invoice by BACS unless otherwise agreed.  Advance card payment may also be made by Paypal.  Individuals are requested to make  advance payment by BACS or Paypal with order, and payment may be made in tranches by agreement.  Rapid Transcriptions reserves the right to charge interest of 3% per month on overdue accounts from the date the invoice becomes due until full payment has been received.  Any bank fees on unpaid cheques will be charged to the customer.

Limit of liability 

Unfortunately despite the highest security measures, the security of data transmitted and stored electronically cannot be absolutely guaranteed.  All data sent to Rapid Transcriptions is at the customer’s risk.  While Rapid Transcriptions takes security measures to protect customer data while in transit or being processed it cannot provide an absolute guarantee that a third party will not try to access, interrupt, delete or compromise the data.  Customers are responsible for the ultimate safety and integrity and backup of their data, taking steps to pseudonymise and encrypt data where required in advance of sending to Rapid Transcriptions.

Rapid Transcriptions undertakes to meet the delivery timescales agreed with the customer unless prevented from doing so by circumstances beyond its control including but without limitation – government action, epidemics/pandemics, terrorist activity, national emergency, acts of God.